Alumni Spotlight: Richard Frazer

Q: What years did you play at Hofstra?
I played lacrosse for Hofstra in 1967, 1968 and stopped playing in the middle of 1969.

Q: What position did you play?
I was an attackman

Q: Who were your coaches?
I was coached by Howard “Howdy” Myers, Jr. and Tom Gilburg who played in the NFL for the Baltimore Colts.

Q: What was your experience like while playing for Hofstra?
I played lacrosse at East Meadow High School so I knew the game. 85% of the team was football players because my coach Howdy Myers and Tom Gilburg also coached football at the time felt it was a great way for the players to stay in shape. I had great stick skills so I gave it a shot and made the team. We used wooden sticks and the game was very violent. Everyone just wanted to hit each other and my toughest games I ever played were at practice. Practicing against the freshman team was the worst because they would just swing their sticks and slash us as hard as they could as if they were trying to break our arms. When we did ground ball drills both guys would say man so that goes to show you how our practices went. We did drills in the parking lot and even on the tennis courts. In 1967 and 1968 we had winner records but never played Maryland or Hopkins.

Rich along side his teammate Allan


Q: What is your favorite memory while playing for Hofstra?
It would have to be when we were playing Hobart with 6 minutes left and they were beating us 6-3. Coached called a time-out, ripped into us and we came out blazing. They couldn’t match our physical play and we ended up scoring 4 goals to win the game 7-6. We won through intimidation!

Q: Looking back, what’s one thing you took with you that you learned at Hofstra?
The most important thing is Hofstra Lacrosse kept me in school and allowed me to focus on my eduction so I could graduate.

Q: What advice would you give to a future or current Hofstra Lacrosse player?
Play the game, love the game and remember you are at Hofstra for your education.

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