Q: What years did you play at Hofstra?

I played 1980,1982,1983

Q: What position did you play?

I played both Midfield and Attack

Q: Who were your coaches?

Harry Royle, Kevin Huff, Tom Postel

Q: What was your experience like while playing for Hofstra?

I had a great experience while playing for Hofstra. They were great times and I made good longtime friends with teammates.

Q: What is your favorite memory while playing for Hofstra?

My favorite memory was beating Adelphi at home in early spring in the cold rain and sleet when Adelphi wanted to reschedule.

Q: Looking back, what’s one thing you took with you that you learned at Hofstra?

I learned Mental toughness and to never quit because hard work pays off.

Q: What advice would you give to a future or current Hofstra Lacrosse player?

My advice is to cherish the time now with the team. It goes too fast! Stay in touch with your teammates & coaches for the rest of life.

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